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Honesty, integrity and ethics are paramount between our scouts, families, players and coaches. We address and correct the flawed system of developing and marketing student athletes that have, historically, been the only choice offered to parents.  
Video Scout offers a true, live scouting experience for amateur athletes for both player development and prospect evaluation with multiple viewings, multiple opinions, and tracking over time...the way it is done in the professional world of sports. Original content, proprietary scouting checklists by position, write ups, personality tests, self assessments, interviews and endorsements produce scouting reports that are taken seriously and demand attention from college coaches.


Recruiting Services and Web Site Profiles where you provide all the content and your own video have built empires feeding off the fears of players and parents by instilling false hope, over promising, under delivering, and flat-out lying to parents about opportunities concerning their children.  We worked along side them at national events, covering their players and contests, and know first hand that they offer no personal attention and their motives of helping people has been replaced by greed.
We walked away from all of them. Recruiting services do
nothing. With up to 2,000 families assigned to one recruiter, they give their customers a list of schools to approach and say
"good luck."  They don't know who you are, haven't seen you play, do not write scouting reports and don't even film players.  

A call center merely assigns them to give families a hard sales pitch over the phone. 


Event Companies do not promote players. They are usually disguised as scouting services but don't do anything except give players a venue to play and you hope to catch lightning in a bottle by capturing a coach's attention who may happen to be there. They are held at nice destinations that can double as a family vacation, but provide little or no exposure to programs since everyone, including the colleges themselves are now running events that result in massively diluted attendance.  One of our old sponsors used to go to Walmart in whatever city he traveled to in order to buy all the hats for sale from the local colleges.  Then he would give them out to his staff to sit around and look like schools were represented at his events. Another, that bills themselves as the largest scouting service in baseball, admitted they are nothing but an event company who do not want to provide independent opinions in fear that parents won't return. They are all on to the next city, like a side show carnival, and do nothing to help players and families after the event.  When the event is over, it is over and everyone gets an invitation to the next level of game, super combine, national team or tryout of some kind to keep families coming back for more. Video Scout is not a recruiting service, profile website, call center or an event company.



We treat student-athletes as our own children, put them in a position to be successful and help them create choices. We empower families with the knowledge and resources to be able to be proactive in the recruiting process, give them the tools to promote themselves and teach them how to properly and effectively demonstrate an interest with teams. There are no secrets and we provide all our players with the database of every single college coach in the country, email addresses, phone number and search engine on schools by GPA, SAT scores, tuition, region, state from Division 1-3, to Junior Colleges and NAIA Schools; The very same that recruiting services want to charge you thousands of dollars for. Our programs are designed to help everyone and deliver the truth, whether it be for youth (12 and up) player development, high school college-bound prospect evaluation or even professional eligible athletes and representation.


All hands are on deck with Video Scout and we will always will do as much as we can for as little as possible so our services are affordable to everyone who deserves a closer look. Video Scout's proprietary, patent-pending methods and systems of scouting evaluations have even been used by the National Hockey League to present the top eligible draft prospects in the world to every professional team. Get the look that you deserve.

"See you between the lines."


Thomas R. DeMorro Jr.

President and Founder 

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