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"Right now everything is good.  I have gone on a few visits and am waiting to hear from 2 or 3 schools before I make my decision. I have gone on interviews and have meet a few of the coaches.  I will wait and make my final decision after all the camps are over and I sit down with both my parents. I have 2 more camps scheduled . Thank you for providing me with the videos and the scouting report. It was a big help opening the doors and allowing me to show my talents to the coaches."

Will Walsh, Rockville HS

“Mr. DeMorro helped me achieve my dream of playing college football greatly. His video footage, along with advice on what to email coaches and what questions to ask them was truly helpful throughout the process. Without Mr. DeMorro and his efforts, I would not be playing college football and in the position that I am in today.” 

Joseph Ferreira, Rocky Hill HS

"I would just like to say that Tom helped me back in high school when I didn’t really have a lot of teams looking at me. He got me into the national blue grey all star game, which I got to headline for and I performed with 2 sacks. I got to walk away from my high school senior as a champion thanks to him. I finished the season with 9.5 recorded sacks and I was the Ray Lopez Memorial Defensive Lineman of the Year. To this day I’m thankful for the hard work Tom did for me. He helped me to further my dream & ultimately put together a resume that landed me D1."

Wade Forde-University of South Alabama


"Tom from Video Scout was truly a blessing for my family. My son Joseph is an outstanding football player and has been since he played in youth football. However as is the case with many boys he hit his growth spurt a little later in  his high school career than a lot of other kids. he was offensive MVP his sophomore year for JV but just wasn’t quite big enough his junior year to crack the starting lineup with a very talented senior who was 50 pounds heavier than him. The summer before senior year he grew and in his senior year his coach gave him the opportunity to start and he became a premier running back in the league, as well as an outstanding defensive  back. But when you break out your senior year it’s already too late for colleges to take a look at you. Tom from Video Scout picked Joseph out of a crowd and approached us about helping him get recruited.


Tom had a list of players to scout, however Joseph was not on his initial list provided by the AD.  When Tom saw him play he knew he had a young man that could play football in college. Tom reached out to us and asked if he could talk to us about helping Joseph with realizing his dream of playing football in college. Blessings can come in a variety of ways and the fact that Tom happened to be at that game was truly a blessing for my son. Tom did a tremendous job helping Joseph prepare a profile and resume so that he could be noticed by college coaches. I truly believe it’s due to Tom’s efforts that Joseph was contacted by several schools and was blessed with being able to commit to play football for Union College. It’s because of Tom’s efforts that Joseph was able to be recognized and recruited. Tom’s personalized approach really made us feel comfortable with the process. He was truly invested in Joseph and not just on a business level. He cared about his academic success as well and realized that was also a selling point for Joseph. Tom cares for his recruits like nothing I’ve seen before.


Tom truly believed that Joseph could play college football. And he went about his work and helping Joseph prepare like someone who is part of the family. Tom was there through the entire process and is with you all the way. I’ll never forget him coming out to film one of Joseph‘s games on the coldest day of the year. He is committed to his players and their families. Tom will always be a friend to my son Joseph and our family for his commitment and dedication to helping my son realize his dream of being recruited to play college football."

Neil Ferreira - Rocky Hill, CT

"We had a great experience with Tom.   He knows what he's talking about and his player evaluation system is tops.   He put together a basketball highlight reel for our son that instantly took off on You Tube.   Coaches were impressed with the quality of the production of the reel and it was a valuable instrument in my son's recruiting process, getting lots of looks.  There is no doubt the reel made a big difference, with offers being extended by targeted colleges. Give Tom a call.  He's highly accessible, experienced, and will give you honest answers about the college recruiting process.  He's focused on the client's best interest and not just trying to sell you something. Thanks, Tom."    

Keith W. - Weston, CT

"Attending and working with you guys continues to impress me as just about the best investment in time and money I could have spent with my son in baseball. Thanks again, and I am certainly advising other dads to get involved with their sons...particularly if they have any interest in playing college ball."

Dennis M.-New Jersey

"I want to thank you for your guidance and help with videos and information about recruitment. It has helped Joey to commit verbally with Div 1 Lasalle and he will be signing a letter of intent this November to play there after he graduates. He was labeled the top recruit for that class, and Lasalle is a perfect fit. He will have the chance to play right away for Lasalle as a freshman, and without Video Scout’s help, I don’t know if he would of received the exposure. Thank You."

Joe B.-New York

"The running total for Max is now 21 schools - We have sent regret emails to some of the schools but some are still on hold. Too many choices but lots of money for most of them and most of them are direct results of the Video Scout reports you sent to the coaches. I will let you know what he ultimately decides but I just wanted to keep you posted - wait till you see the list! Thank you."

Jane T.-New York

"I am happy to inform you that my son has finally made a decision on college. He will be attending St.Anselm College in Manchester NH. I would like to thank you for your assistance in this important decision. The college that my son did finally choose did not attend any of the showcases. We were able to send out your Video Scout report of the showcases we attended. The videos were very helpful for the coaches to see Nick play.

Thanks again for providing a great product."

Vincent M.-Massachusetts

"Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family. We really have enjoyed your service and have found it to be a very worthwhile tool in helping promote Gage and give him the opportunity to play Baseball at the college level. After attending the VT session, and utilizing your services Gage had approximately 7 schools to choose from with the chance to realize his dream and play college Baseball. He has now chosen the school that's right for him both academically and for Baseball... Christopher Newport University.

Thanks again to you and your team for the wonderful service and Video Scout reports. We will be happy to recommend your services to other folks in the future."

Sandy and Tonya C.-Virginia

"You delivered on everything you said you would! Your organization is the smartest option available to folks like us. We decided to stay close to home and will go to the 2-year Jr. College - Middlesex County College and play for their baseball team in the Fall. We had the opportunity to reach out to 160 Tri-State NY schools and 20 came back to us with very positive responses. There were 3 schools in Upstate NY and 3 in CT that were very interested. After much soul searching he made his decision.
Thanks again ! ! !"

John R.-New York

"Within one week, the response has been a bit overwhelming. Besides e-mail contacts, we are getting telephone calls from coaches and invitations to visit the colleges. With your help, we have become very busy in a very short time frame. We are averaging 3 serious inquiries per day (15 altogether in the first week). Your approach has been right on the mark. I'll keep you posted as to how we progress. We are beginning to narrow down the field. One coach told us that Matt's already on his team just by seeing the Video Scout report that you

produced alone, if he so chooses to attend his school. Another coach wants to Matt to come to his prospect evaluation session and another 10 coaches invited him to meet with them and their teams. So far, our experience has been phenomenal.

G R E A T J O B !!!!

Regards, David"

David B-New Jersey

"Good morning. I wanted to let you know that my son Alex was looked at by about 7 schools and with the use of the Video Scout report it really helped out in this process. It appears he will be attending Southern Vermont Collage in the fall. His 2nd choice was Newbury collage and his 3rd was UConn Avery point. It was a tough decision to find the right school where he can play and learn at the same time and come out with a good education. He could have attended a few other higher division schools but choose a D3 so he could play more. Thank you for all your help. Again, Thank you."

Joe C-Connecticut

"Matt has given a verbal commitment to the College of William and Mary. He will sign the Letter of Intent tomorrow at his high school.
Thank you for the services that you have provided. "

Beverly F-Virginia

"We are so impressed by your work. We could not ask for anything more and could not thank you enough. The visit to Bryant went great, they seem very interested and we have sent out the Video Scout report. We will definitely keep you informed on how the whole recruiting process goes. Thank you again!"

Aaron B.-Connecticut

"I have contacted all the coaches myself. No coaches contacted me as a result of the showcases. I did show the coaches I contacted my Video Scout report of me though, that helped me a lot in being recognized by several schools.

I am happy that I have the Video Scout report. I am not happy about not being contacted by coaches as a result of doing these showcases. I feel like I performed very well at both showcases and have not received any contact from coaches. I would not have been being recruited by anyone if I had not taken initiative and contacted a few coaches on my own and showed them my video. No coaches contacted me because of my participation in showcases. The only reason they started becoming interested in me was because I was able to provide them with videos of myself playing.

These Video Scout reports have made a world of difference in my chances at playing baseball in college. Since no coaches contacted me because of the showcases, I was able to get my video out and stir up interest from several different colleges.

I feel that I have a great advantage over other athletes because coaches don't have to come and see me play to get a look at me. I can just send them the videos of me playing at my best and they judge what they see there. Pretty much every coach that has seen my Video Scout report liked me and followed up in the recruitment process."

Joe S.-New York

"I believe you and the company have put forth a very strong program that I would recommend to any young player. I was very impressed with your quick response the other day in regards to both of our video links and the packets of information you sent.

I give you folks an A - I am impressed and grateful for your program."

Paul A.-Missouri

"I think the Video Scout report is a great idea because coaches can look at the video that they would not be able to see in person. It also widens your range of contacting schools. The resources you have provided have been good. The information has been helpful."

Ben C.-Maryland

"A coach may have looked at 100 players that day and you may have stood out and he may have marked his sheet with your name. I think sending that coach a Video Scout report of you will confirm he made a wise choice in selecting you to be scouted by his club after a second or third look. I think the Video Scout report is a great tool; not only good for the athlete, it is great for the coach that may not have the time to come to every showcase. If I send out my Video Scout report to a coach he just might be looking for exactly what I have and he can evaluate me by what he sees with his own eyes. He can make a decision a lot better than the player that sends a coach an email telling him about himself. Every player and their parent thinks their kid is the best but when a coach can see it he can decide for himself instead of bringing in a kid he has never seen before. I make sure every time I email the coach I include the link to my Video Scout report. If you do not market yourself who could you expect to do it, your high school coach, please. It is as if you created an ad campaign just for me, and it is up to me to get it out to who I want to be seen by. Once a coach has seen my Video Scout report and then contacts me, hey I know he is interested in me. Its like you are already on your second date."

Nick G.-New York

"Thank You very much for providing both my son and I with the tools necessary to both expose and market him as a student athlete. If I may take a few minutes to explain what we have learned perhaps it will save others time and money and, more importantly, help place their athlete in a college setting that has a fit.
As you know, I run a travel baseball club and have been somewhat instrumental in guiding players and parents through the college recruiting process. I read the book "The Making of the Student Athlete" and have been to seminars as well. We did everything we were supposed to do. We began going to quality showcases going into my son's junior year. In September we registered on the NCAA Clearinghouse and as the year progressed we sent out intro letters, schedules, progress reports and eventually a video accompanied with a profile and resume. We received form letters and correspondence from every college we wrote to and of course, like everyone else, we were very happy with our work.
My son's accolades for both high school and summer ball were impressive and we thought this was easy. BIG MISTAKE! At the end of his Junior year, after having a great season, nothing was happening. So we picked up the phone and started calling the coaches we received correspondence from only to find out they never saw what we produced for them. Reality set in that we must do some target marketing. As I continued to talk to the coaches and recruiters I learned that when they go to showcases or a quality tournament they are going with a menu of what they will need for the next few years and are seeking those types of players... PERIOD!

After a while it all looks the same. It doesn't matter if you are the best shortstop in town if that college has made an investment in another shortstop. He needs his left over money to fill another void. So, what do we do and how do we find out who needs my son and then how do we know he will fit...grades...major...finances etc. And then again I work, he goes to school, and there are only so many hours in a day. We thought we might have to except the first reasonable deal that came along (and those deals were there) but they weren't the fit he was looking for. Two division one schools that fit the bill all around made nice offers but told him he wouldn't play until his Junior year...not something he wanted. For other schools the finances were difficult and/or academically it wasn't what he was looking for.

In the summer going into my son's senior year we met you at a showcase and signed on to your program. Shortly after, I took about an hour and a half to piece together his Video Scout report. We utilized the target search site you sent us. I emailed three out on day one to test the waters. Two went to colleges that we had been mailing to and the other to a new one. By the time I got home from work my son had spoken to and been asked to make an official visit at all three, and we did. We continued this process for another two months carefully choosing the schools he was interested in and filtering out those who had a need for the position he played. By the first week in November of his Senior year the phone rang off the hook! My son had lengthy conversations with coaches and their assistants and, if both parties agreed it might be a fit, my son proceeded to more official visits and try-outs.

At the end of the day we had something special. We had choices. My son continued to meet, talk and workout with colleges, and eventually accepted an offer that fit him academically with the best fit for his future. He will be an impact baseball player in his freshmen year, and financially they met our needs.
Thank You Tom, It is my belief that you are on the cutting edge using Video Scout reports in less time consuming technology both for the coaches and players to assist in exposing them properly and effectively.  Gratefully, Alan."

Alan B-New York

"Thanks for getting back to me, yours was the best response I received so far. The difference between a div 1, 2, 3, player is skill level, and at age 7 it can be determined how much natural skill a player is born with; average, above average, or super genetic. From this age if a father knows what his kid’s skill level is, then he can get the necessary instructions that improve his child’s skill level.
I am looking for people to correct this flawed system of developing athletes of all sports, it must start somewhere and I see the Video Scout approach to be exactly what every player needs."

NCAA College Coach




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