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Scouting Compensation


We want to be exceedingly clear. Compensation is 100% about performance. If you are able to recruit players, you can make a lot of money in this position. If you cannot recruit players, you will not find success in this role. There is no compensation for effort, only results. If you are comfortable with that dynamic, please keep reading. This position is a commission-based position. There is no hourly or annual salary. Individuals work as much as they want, and based on performance, can earn an unlimited amount of income. Commission is earned only when clients reports are sold. The more games you attend, and the more players you see, the more fees you will generate and realize. The fees generated tracked and reported to you so you can see how much your clients generate, and also how much you get paid as commission. Your personal report will be available to you via our website. Entry level scouts will earn 25% of the total fees generated by all of their clients for as long as the scout remains working with Video Scout. There is opportunity for advancement, with higher percentages of commission. Advancements are based on performance and will be determined, as applicable, by Video Scout management. You will be paid your commission every two weeks. So, how much will you earn? The short answer is, that depends on you. The more time you put in, the greater your chance of recruiting players. The more active your player's reports, the more fees they will generate, which means the more you will make. How much do scouts generate in fees? Every scout is different. Some scouts attend games every day (this is good!) and some only occasionally. So there’s no way to know how much your scouting will generate in fees. Historically, however, scouts generate ~ $350 per week in fees, and the all-time high for a single scout is $8,900 in one week.

Level 1 Scout: 25% commission on active prospect's reports
Level 2 Scout: $25 per write up or report on top of Level 1 pay and experience as a college
       or professional player or coach is needed
Level 3 Scout: 35% commission and scouts need to maintain at least 50 active prospects. 

                        Scouts at this level will be trained in and are expected to have edit their film
Level 4 Scout: 50% commission and scouts need to maintain at least 100 active prospects.

                        10% Commission on College Coach subscriptions sold
Level 5 Scout: 100% of revenue is yours as a Licensee. Licensee’s pay a one time fee to run their own scouting office and pay a yearly support fee and upload fees per film and report posted to maintain content. 

* Further information on each level of scouting along with job descriptions can be found here

Scouts at every level are expect to keep CONSTANT contact with the prospects, parents and coaches of the games they cover.

Bonuses based on performance and your contribution and percentage of prospects you contribute to the national our national database of prospective student athletes can be realized.

Pay periods are bi-weekly and reports will be provided showing your prospect's reports, activity and earnings.