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                                                    Levels of Scouting


Level One Scouts (L1) only responsibility after the game is over is to just to be sure that your prospect receives the release form that they are told to contact our director scouting for an interview. If parents approach you in the stands we may give them to Scout and release form and tell them the same thing but you were not selling anything at the games can you must walk a fine line not be invasive during a contest

Provide credentials to the scouts for them to print out at Staples and laminated. Also provide a logo in their dropbox for them to print business cards for $17 if they like.


Level 2 Scouts (L2) work by performing evaluations and write up’s and checklists on our prospects and will receive pay for the reports they write as experts in their sports.


Level 3 Scouts (L3) interview parents and players after the game and work on finding their best fit and determining what their exact needs are and what they want from their college experience.


Level 4 Scouts (L4) will work with College Coaches and helping to find them players and go on assignments to cover specific players on request. Hey scouts will also provide database and reports to the school to subscribe to our services. 


Level 5 Scouts (L5) will run their own scouting office under licensing agreement where they can hire scouts and run their own profitable business using our business model lentils to execute on daily basis for themselves.
A level five Scout who has been made this offer is very accomplished in their field and has established themselves as an expert in their sport. They should have a tremendous following, be well respected and highly regarded  along with having developed great relationships with the coaches and schools they work along side 


Your appropriate credentials and according levels of achievement will be recognized, along with the opportunity to earn more money, in addition to attaining your Video Scout status.