Most video companies, recruiting services and web sites with sports profiles are nothing more than POST PRODUCTION HOUSES, editing supplied film that is sent by players they do not know and have not seen. Garbage in - Garbage out.  Video Scout films ISOLATED POSITION SPECIFIC FILM.  Video Scout content is ORIGINAL CONTENT from the LIVE games WE ATTEND. Do not use some uploaded game film edits from video that does not show coaches what they need to see. You are jeopardizing your future career by doing so and, most likely, wasting your time and the coach's time.  You have just one opportunity to impress.  Video Scout captures content college coaches want, and need to see, in order to make a decision and show the player in a way that he or she can properly be evaluated.  A properly done film that shows the complete player and the person along with an expert scouting is imperative if you want to be taken seriously. 
You have one shot...for the coach to either look at you and gain interest or press delete and say “Next.”  You better dazzle that coach because it is simply very competitive and very difficult to get recruited... period. Get advice and get help with Video Scout's personal approach.  Everyone is different and
the days of “being found if you’re good enough” are over.  Adding a scouting report from respected Video Scout experts adds credibility to your efforts and you will have a leg up on those who send video alone with the hopes that it will be viewed out of 10's of thousand of submissions. Video Scout's method demands the attention of college coaches.  We provide amateur athletes a professional scouting experience, like it happens in the real world of sports.
Don't just hope, take control of the process with Video Scout.

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