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                                             Uploading Prospect Film & Games

A. Posting Prospect Player film. 

•Create a "Game Folder" in your G-Drive folder named as follows: Visiting Team, Home Team, Final Score & Sport. For example, "North Haven vs East Haven 33-14 Football" Upload all your game clips to this folder.

• Inside your "Game Folder", create a "Player Folder" for each prospect you have scouted named as follows: Players Number, Player's Name, Position(s), Graduating Year, State.  For example, "10_Johnny Jones_QB_2022_CT" Upload ONLY THE CLEAN IN CAMERA EDITS for each player into their folder.

• Download the "Google App" if you want to upload files from your phone or tablet and to access your G-Drive.
B. Uploading Game Film for Coaches

RAW, unedited, Game Film (all your clips) will be published as PRIVATE and an invitation will be sent to coaches as a courtesy for their hospitality. Send the "Follow up Coach Email", including the PRIVATE link to the posted You Tube game film as a courtesy. Be sure to reinforce the prospects you saw and ALWAYS attach the Prospect Release Form and the Web Link for Nominated Prospects to register at
C. Submitting Player Reports. 

Convey your hand written field report and coach nomination form by submit this form for each game you
scout and film

D. Viewing Your Prospect Playlist 

Once you begin submitting scouted game film, we will produce a "playlist" for you. Your prospect playlist will be displayed on our You Tube along the left side by your name and will include all your uploads so you can track your prospects & and added reports and additional content.