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The Follow Through

A. Managing Player Reports.

Visit your Scouted Prospects film for scouting reports, interviews and more original that are added to on your prospects. 
B. Following up With Your Prospects, & Coaches. Be creative.
Use of forms and sign up sheets.  Capture personal information using the Scouting Release Forms, Driving Prospects to the Website and fill out their online interview at

Texting players, calling parents, emailing and calling coaches.

C. Maintaining Constant Contact & Communications.  

You need to engage your players and parents, genuinely care and stay in touch on their progress as if they were your own child.  Simple as that.  You job is to track their high school career, academics and be a string advocate for your prospects and their families.  You must love everyone you work with and what you do.  The key to this business is personal relationships. Period.
D. Trusting the Process.

Persistence. Long selling cycles on reports are possible. If you build it they will come. Help our players to tell their story to college coaches. Student Athletes need to know that they are suspects before they are a prospect, must be scouted before they can be recruited, that the this is a process or getting to know the person as well as the player and that it is not easy to get recruited.  Always encourage players to own the process and be proactive to create opportunities and choices for themselves.