2018 Basketball player from Weston. A talented point guard and student, Christian will be attending Kenyon College in Ohio to play.  We found Christian at a speculative game where he stood out and put on a show of ball control, passing and shooting that grabbed our attention.  We put together a film that was instrumental in getting him recruited ut since we also had original film of our own, we were able to show his athleticism and skills up close in isolated coverage.  We added 2 scouting reports, a write up and our proprietary scouting checklist to provide insight, score and ranking that added credibility to Christians film as he scored very high by a number of NCAA coaches.  Being a very strong student as well, Christian is attending a top academic school and is a perfect example of how sports can help one leverage opportunities to attend colleges that are very competitive by having more to offer as a student-athlete rather than just a student alone.


2018 Baseball player from Cromwell, we seem to finding a lot of prospects lately at this high school. Zack is an outfielder and left handed pitcher who has a spot at Endicott. We had helped a couple of other players from his program, and lie in many instances, we found hi at a game while watching other players.  This is where Video Scout's live scouting and filming really benefits players.  Zack caught our eye and, like in the real world of sports, prompted us to reach out.  Zack and his family were aware of us because of the success he had in helping other players on his team so they secured additional coverage of his outfield play and pitching that didn't exist prior to our live game coverage 


An extremely talented, strong and athletic volleyball player at  Hale Ray High School, we discovered Sage while scouting another team.  Sage was scouted and published on our channel where we showed what a great person and teammate she is as well as a great player.

She is endorsed by VIdeo Scout as a Fast Track Prospect who any coach should be honored to have on their team.  She has received recognition as All State and Player of The Year for Connecticut's 2016 season.  Sage will attending and playing for University of Rhode Island in the fall of 2017.

Joseph Ferreira, 2018 Rocky Hill High to Union College

Mike Ferrett, 2018 Hamden High to SCSU

Christian Wattanabe, 2018 Weston High to Kenyon College

Zach Lombardo, 2018 Cromwell High to Endicott College

Brandon Guifarro, 2018 Bacon Academy to Bridgewater State

Jarad Mallozzi, 2018 St. Joseph High to CCSU

Noah Budzik, 2018 Cromwell High to University of New Haven

Sage Connors, 2017 Hale Ray High to University of Rhode Island

Danny Hoffman, 2017 Trumbull High to Salve Regina

Nick Leone, 2017 Daniel Hand High to Middlebury College

Sean Melevan, 2017 Cromwell High to UConn


2018 Football player from Rocky Hill to play Running Back at Union College.  When we found him at Rocky Hill High School he was an un-nominated player.  We had 4 other players to watch but when Joseph ran for 4 touchdowns we couldn't hep but ask, "Um, what about this kid?  Why isn't he on our list?" We were told that this was"a break out game" for him and was not "typical" of his performance.  Being able to pot talent is our job so we seeked out Joseph and his family to learn more about him as a player and a person.  After getting to know his wonderful family, we took Joseph under our wing and began gathering information and scouting more live games.  Joseph went from a player who wasn't getting a sniff from any schools to a solid recruit who was being pulled out of class by coaches during the school day and wound up with having to make a choice between two offers.  We are very proud of Joseph and treated him like family.  We even took him out for a private workout to conduct a 40 yard dash time, which he didn't have and his coach never documented.  Joseph embodies the student-athlete we love to work with as he and his family are humble and trusting and allowed us into their lives to help create opportunities and for Joseph to realize his dream of playing college sports.  He exemplifies the reason why being proactive and marketing yourself early in your high school career is so important. We look forward to seeing more of Joseph in the future and sharing in his success. See you at the games guys.  Always keep an extra burger on the grill while tailgating for Video Scout.


Offensive Lineman

Bacon Academy, Class of 2018.

Attending: Bridgewater State


Wide Receiver

St. Joseph High School Class of 2018.

Attending: Central Connecticut State University.



A 2017 graduate from Cromwell High School, we discovered Sean at a game vs Sheehan and through a coach nomination. A great young man with a great family, we are proud to announce that Sean has been recruited by UConn as a catcher in the fall of 2017 after being scouted live several times by us  Sean was one of our first prospects once we expanded our national event coverage into a grass roots movement to scout players live at local high schools.  We rolled out the red carpet for Sean and his family did for us, as well. He was happy to attend college and be recruited by a local Division 3 school but we knew there was more to Sean.  After spending extra time after games to get more on Sean we put together a very thorough and complete book on his abilities.  We are very proud to see Sean land a solid D1 prospects who "swings out his shoes."


We found Nick through a new effort by Video Scout where we did some pre-season viewings of summer practices with the cooperation of the Connecticut High School Coaches Association and in particular,. Coach Steve Philipone of Hand High School. Nick was identified as a top prospect at both Tailback and Outside Linebacker.  After a game film breakdown of the regular season had been isolated and added to his practice footage Nick got some attention. As a very smart young man, in addition to his talents on the field, Nick will be attending Middlebury College in the fall of 2017 and will be playing football.


Danny is a 2017 Trumbull High School graduate who plays wide receiver.  His football accolades were impressive but found out about him through an old friend...a perfect example how being good isn't good enough to be recruited unless you are seen. We got involved and started tracking Danny, filming isolated coverage during his games and promoting his talents.  We endorse Danny Hoffman as a top prospect in Connecticut Football and look forward to seeing him in the future at Salve Regina in Newport, RI this fall of 2017.


2018 Baseball player from Cromwell again. Noah is a sure handed Short Stop and pitcher with a great breaking ball who will be playing for University of New Haven. We noticed Noah's smooth actions and live arm as a sophomore while scouting another one of our prospects behind the plate.  Noah also pitched and had a great breaking ball so we went back a third time to see him on the mound.  His family was somewhat familiar wth the process as their older son was attending Eastern Connecticut as a shortstop as well. It didn't take long for UNH to make an offer that the family committed to early to play Division 2 baseball at a very strong program. Congratulations!


2018 Baseball player from Hamden. A Third baseman and pitcher, Mike will be playing at Southern Connecticut State University. We had posted a sample baseball skills and live game video on MIke to show some of our other scouts and cameramen how to cover baseball properly. It was meant as a training tool but the video and Mike's abilities quickly gained popularity in the background on the internet. After some time, we deactivated the film and that prompted a phone call form his father who had been using our footage to market his son. We then met the family and continued to track Mike throughout the summer and into his Junior year, putting together showcase film and scouting reports that helped him find a home early as he committed to SCSU in the fall of his Junior year

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