In the spirit of providing our amateur athletes with a professional scouting and player development experience, we have produced an exclusive and profound program into developing mental toughness that is age appropriate and relevant. This is an integral part of our process of putting our young men and women in a position to be successful. Players have never before been exposed to such powerful, life changing information. The content and our personal interaction is guaranteed to have a profound impact on your performance in the classroom, in life and on the field. 

There are four ways to become a better athlete: Train your body, practice, review yourself on film, and visualize. In order to have any chance of self actualization you must learn to embrace and exercise the last and most important aspect for optimal performance. Whether you are a current, former or future Video Scout prospect, I want to share this power with you in order for you to perform at the highest possible level.

Video Scout is bringing the power of sports psychology with an emphasis on self awareness to further help our prospects. We continue our focus on the person, not just the player and prepare our student-athletes for success on and off the field.  With a strong emphasis on visualization, meditation, mindfulness, and present moment time, athletes significantly improve their performance in all aspects of their lives by learning to concentrate better, manage their emotional states more effectively, become mentally tougher, improve their self-confidence, learn greater self-sufficiency, and to eliminate self-sabotage, the mental and emotional killer of success.


Module 1: The Big Five Performance Enhancing Fundamentals

Segment 1: The Power of Presence

Segment 2: Intro to Mindfulness 

Segment 3: The Necessity of Meditation

Segment 4: Utilizing The Breathe

Segment 5: Intro to Visualization

Module 2: Patience, Practice, Poise, and Perseverance 

Segment 6: Developing the Right Mindset: Attitude Matters

Segment 7: Managing Your Emotions 101

Segment 8: Channeling Anxiety and Adrenaline

Segment 9: The Fundamentals of Positive Self-Talk

Segment 10: The Power of Self-Discipline 

Module 3: Life Skills Fundamentals

Segment 11: The Impact of Taking Total Responsibility 

Segment 12: Time Management 101

Segment 13: Practicing Non-Avoidance

Segment 14: Having Bang-Up Integrity

Segment 15: Trusting Your Gut and Making Good Decisions

Module 4: Doing Life Differently 

Segment 16: Understanding and Tackling Fear of Failure 

Segment 17: Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Segment 18: Developing Greater Flexibility and Adaptability 

Segment 19: Vicarious Learning 101

Segment 20: The Essence of Creativity

Module 5: The Fundamentals of True Success

Segment 21: Identifying and Eliminating Self-Sabotage

Segment 22: Letting Go of the Need for Approval

Segment 23: Learning Self-Trust and Self-Acceptance

Segment 24: Letting Go of Everything You Are Afraid To Loose 

Segment 25: Developing Grace and Style