Players will be asked to attend by invitation only but nominations are also considered.  Multiple live scout's opinions are captured at the same time on the same player to allow for instant cross checking - a Video Scout exclusive that has been utilized by the National Hockey League for the Draft.

Our proprietary system of scouting and evaluating players we have already seen during the regular provides an intuitive tool for coaches and scouts to document and gather more relevant information on every player then they could ever write or observe with just the naked eye.  Reports can be recalled, reviewed and shared to collaborate with other coaches and to provide a database of player reports with accountability of opinions.  Players have a way to gain insight into decision makers by being able to experience multiple live evaluations at a later time with a video reference.  This is also a superior tool for youth baseball, player development.

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Our patent-pending scouting evaluation system provides:

  1. Scouted game film of individuals who are coach nominated. 

  2. A live voice over critique of expert observations during the game. 

  3. A scouting checklist with scores and rankings with position criteria.

  4. Published Self-assessment player interview.

  5. Coach interview

  6. Scouting report write-up

  7. Signed scouting release form for publishing to coaches.

  8. Updated film, reports and prospect tracking every 3 months.

  9. Custom scouting reports that tell a story.

 10. Coach, Player and Family membership access.


A complete scouting report available to college coaches.

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Live game coverage, out of season workouts, in-season practice or off-season showcases, combines or tournaments and privately filmed positional workouts for any sport. 

Wherever you compete or perform, a Video Scout can be there to film, evaluate and report.

We tell a story with custom scouting reports designed to revel the person and the player coaches desire.

Our Scouted Prospects are then invited back for our Evaluation Day end of season Video Scout event where multiple live scouts provide critical feedback with instant cross-checked opinion, as provided to the NHL Draft and Patent Pending. 

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