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                                                 Identifying Prospects

A. Choosing Games. 

Use your state interscholastic website to find games, teams, times and location. Pick at least few to do each week. 
B. Contacting Coaches. 

Send the “Announce Game to Coach” email, with edits to personalize to each program and send one at a time with attaching the “Scouting Release Form”. This is how you will get nominations from the coaches and decide who you will scout at the game. 
C. Attending Games.

If you do not hear from coaches, you can still choose to attend the games you wish. Look like a coach in your dress and demeanor. Wear your credentials around your neck, a clipboard to carry your forms and a stop watch around your neck is always a good look. Don’t forget your camera, tripod and plenty of battery and memory card storage for your video.

D. Scouting Release Forms.

If these are not returned prior to the game and you wish the attend the game still (and you should) be sure to have extra forms in your clipboard. You will have to introduce yourself to coaches and get the nominations at the game. Hand the number of forms needed to each coach and thank them for their hospitality. 
E. Driving traffic to the website.  

Your business cards should have the Video Scout web address
Players need to be told to register here and to answer some questions along with their family. Always congratulate players on being identified or scouted live. 

F. After Game Coach Confirmations. 

If you do not have Scouting Release Forms returned and filled out OR Prospects to the website registering and filling out the questionnaire, you have nothing but film and no way to use it. The follow up email to
Coaches is your last chance to capture this information and you should always attach the Scouting Release Forms in all emails looking to have those returned. If you can not accomplish this much, you will probably not be successful in this business and we will have that conversation if the time comes.