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An Invitation to Join Us.

Would you love to find a career in sports?  Are you passionate and knowledgable about your favorite games and willing to attend high schools contests to help identify talent and players in order to continue their playing careers into college and possibly beyond?  

You can run a scouting office anywhere in the country and experience the rewards of helping

others and the financial freedom to work whenever and wherever you want.  There is more work then you can ever dream with no shortage of regular season contests and summer games.

Video Scout is offering consulting services and training for you to become a scout and work WITH US. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a sports videographer or photographer,
a former player of coach or just a person with attention to detail who loves sports, the methods we have developed over nearly 20 years will provide a blueprint to your success.


You will provide scouting coverage to deserving student athletes in the form of original video filming and self help to student-athletes so they can afford to market themselves successfully and level the playing field of opportunities available to them without spending thousands of dollars traveling to and attending expensive events. 


Video Scout turns an everyday, regular season, high school game into a special, live, scouted event. Our players demand attention and are taken seriously.  You can be a Video Scout part-time after school, in the evenings and on the weekends to start.  Work when you want and how often you like. 


We make owning and running your own regional scouting service extremely easy. Start by visiting our staff page and answering some questions here